The Nautical Marathon of Challenges and Seamanship

In 2016, the “International Aegean Sailing Rally”, the competition organized by the Hellenic Offshore Club, will complete 53 years of life. Fifty-three years of challenges and seamanship in one of the most difficult sea areas of the Mediterranean. This is a highly demanding event and it requires early planning. For that reason, the HORC organizing committee, in coordination with the participating skippers, has carefully planned the route of the 2016 race.

This coming year, the top Greek offshore competition will be held from 16 to 24 July. The yachts will sail from Faliron Bay heading to the island of Patmos (155 nm). Once in the “island of Apocalypse” (Patmos), some local races will take place around buoys (inshore races) and the day after, the fleet will be heading to Milos (110 nm). The last course will be from the “island of Aphrodite” (Milos) to Cape Sounion, covering a total distance of 60 nautical miles. In next years event the sailors will have to cover a total distance of 350 nautical miles, in such a challenging sea as the Aegean.

“The route we have chosen represents the everlasting spirit of the Aegean Rally, which alongside its national importance, is a competition full of challenges and inspired by the ideas of seamanship,” the president of the Hellenic Offshore Club, Ioannis Maragoudakis, stated.

Several specific requirements have to be met by islands to be chosen as destinations of the Aegean Rally. Harbors have to be safe, with a depth of about 4 m. so as to be suitable for the draft of the boats, with a mooring capacity of more than 30 yachts, as well as facilities for the prize giving ceremonies and connectivity with Piraeus harbor. Among the islands chosen, it is necessary, for reasons of national interest, to include at least one island in the Eastern Aegean, but at the same time islands – destinations must be among the most popular, thus ensuring the events maximum promotion. Each year, most of the country’s top sailors take part in this competition, making it one of the most challenging racing events.

The planning of each route must include:

  • A course of over 100 nautical miles.
  • A course including night sailing.
  • A course including naval difficulties.
  • A course having windward sailing (provided that the seasonal wind meltemi does blow.
  • A course reaching the East Aegean sea area.

The route of the 53rd Aegean Rally 2016 will be : FALIRON – PATMOS – MILOS – SOUNION.

The total length will be 350 nm. Press Office of the 53 Aegean Rally 2016


53rd Aegean Rally 2016



  The programme is as follows:

Wednesday July 13th 2016

09:00-20:00              Boat’s inspections

15:00                         Entries deadline

Thursday July 14th 2016

09:00-20:00              Boat’s inspections

Friday July 15th 2016

09:00-20:00              Boat’s inspections

19:00                         Skipper’s Meeting at historical Greek Battleship “AVEROF”

20:30                         Welcome Ceremony at Battleship “AVEROF”

Saturday July 16th 2016

1st Offshore Race:   Faliron – Patmos (Skala)

Start                            From Faliron bay at 11:00 hrs

Course                        Faliron – Skala Patmos

Distance                     150 n.m. aprox.

Tuesday July 19th 2016

Inshore / Coastal Race

Start                            From Patmos bay at 11:00 hrs.

Course                        Inshore / Coastal Race

21:00                          Social events and Prize Giving Ceremony of the 2st Offshore race and of the Inshore / Coastal race.

Wednesday July 20th 2016

2nd Offshore Race:  Patmos – Milos

Start                           From Patmos bay at 10:00 hrs

Course                       Patmos  –  Milos

Distance                     60 n.m. aprox.

Friday July 22nd 2016

21:00                         Social events and Prize Giving Ceremony of the 2st Offshore race.

Saturday July 23rd 2016

3rd Offshore Race:   Milos –  Cape Sounion

Start                           From Milos bay at 10:00 hrs.

Distance                     60 n.m. approx.

Monday July 25th 2016

21:00                         Prize Giving Ceremony at the Aegean Naval Command, Piraeus.

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