LGAV - ATH Athens International Airport (AIA)

Skyscanner issued the monthly report for Athens International Airport for the March.

Athens International Airport handled a total of 1,099,282 passengers in March, up 24.5% on the 882,790 served in March 2014.

International passengers numbered 693,756 – a 20% rise on the 578,250 handled in March 2014 omeprazole online.

Passenger growth has been strong at AIA so far this year, with international passengers up +19.8% in January to 600,263 and +19.1% to 549,561 in February, with the first quarter international passenger total coming in at 1,540,792 – a healthy increase of 19.7%.

In a statement, the airport said:

“The number of international passengers grew rapidly by 20%, while domestic travelers presented an impressive growth of 33.2%.

Strong International Numbers

“In total, Greek travelers enjoyed a sharp rise of 21%, demonstrating a strong rise at the level of 36% in the domestic sector, while foreign visitors travelling to Athens only, also showed a robust increase of 29%.

“Overall, during the first quarter of the year, the airport’s traffic almost reached 3m passengers (2.98m), exceeding prior-year levels by a robust 25.7%, with domestic traffic enjoying extremely high levels of increase (+36.9%), considerably exceeding the international passengers’ growth (+19.7%).”

AIA added that Greek travelers enjoyed a sharp rise of 23%, demonstrating an outstanding rise of 39% in the domestic sector, while foreign visitors travelling solely to Athens grew by 29%.

Reassuringly, the airport company says this reconfirms the recovery of Athens’ attractiveness as a destination – even during the winter period. All of which will be good news for Dufry, the duty free operator at Athens Airport.

Source: Skyscanner.com

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