An astonishingly magical landscape, a reminiscent of Norwegian fjords, but with the bright colors of the Mediterranean sun, the marvelous rocks and the wild beauty of Crete, which is well hidden in the Libyan Sea.

In the South of Rethymnon, between Plakias and Preveli, ‘Karavos” is located. It is an elliptical bay, about 100m long, which is formed among large vertical rocks, creating a well protected natural harbor that leads to a small sandy beach, 2 meters wide.

This was a shelter for pirates, during the Byzantine period, who gave the name ‘Karavos” to this marvelous sight.

In mythology, it’s the site, where Odysseus was charmed by the beauty of Queen Calypso and he stayed here for seven years before returning to Ithaca.

Another remarkable Video created by Nikos Sarantos…. Enjoy!

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