A former Greek Fishing Town is Europe’s Best Kept Secret

If you are looking for … Paradise Vacations … then Crete is the best solution for you! It’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Greece and in the whole Europe.

It’s not only the scenery … it’s the people, the history, the pure Greek – Mediterranean Cusine. Crete in one of my favourite  Islands in Greece and I am sure you are going to agree with me when you get there!

If you don’t believe me start reading the following article from the U.K who got inspired and wrote and published an article in the newspaper “The Mirror” about Elounda.


It was like arriving at a small village where everyone was already our friend” the article mentions


Journalist Clemmie Fieldsend of Mirror praises the former fishing town Elounda characterizing it as a “celebrity hotspot” and “a little gem” which is “a well kept secret”.

As the journalist writes this sleepy town

“with the Aegean sea sparkling at its shores and a backdrop of arid mountain crags, picked over by daredevil goats with clinking bells”

has become the favorite destination of many international stars, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Lady Gaga.


“It was like arriving at a small village where everyone was already our friend.”

The journalist says commenting the hospitality of locals adding that you don’t have to …

“to be famous to be treated like a star here”.


She also described the facilities provided by the hotels which have still kept their traditional character and the beautiful surrounding with “lush shady foliage and explosions of vibrant bougainvillea flowers”.

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