Tours In Greece and The Mediterranean

Acropolis of Athens

Making arrangements for Tours In Greece and The Mediterranean is not an easy task and you need to be careful and alerted. That’s the reason I am making this introduction for you and because I believe that Tours are the most essential part when someone chooses to visit a foreign country or civilization.

My experience as a Tour Operator has made me very selective with the professionals I choose to cooperate with and to be extra selective with the ones I will trust my clients to. Choosing a proper agency is vital and very essence since even a minor mistake can cause a real mess up to your already tight traveling schedule or can even cause you other serious problems. That’s something that you should be aware of any time you choose a service anyway. There are many Travel Agents in the market declaring that they can arrange tours for you, but the questions are, “Do they Know what they are doing?” and “Are they professional enough to prepare a Tour with Responsibility?”

My Choice?

The reason I choose Keytours to be my Tour Organizer is pretty obvious. They know better than anyone in the market what to do and … when to do it. They are in business since 1963, when a group of leading Travel Agents joined their forces, their knowledge, and their experience and started a sightseeing company organizing Sightseeing Tours in Athens.

Now, Keytours organizes quality sightseeing tours (half-day tour, full day tour and more day tours in Mainland and so more), mini cruises (one day cruise to seven days cruise), excursions, even private sightseeing tours and transfers. They can even prepare a unique schedule to cover your personal needs or taste and match it to your age and background.

These are the reasons why I can trust them and leave you in their hands with confidence and because I know very well how they operate and how they treat to travelers!

I almost forgot to mention that they have Multi-Lingual Licensed Tour Guides, State Of The Art Air-Conditioned Coaches and very Experienced Staff. They can also make arrangements for you, besides Athens, in other major cities since they have branches in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) and in Heraklion, Crete (Southern Greece).

A Few Words About Greece

Hermes Greece is ideal for quality holidays since you will be able to have a great flashback in a 4000 years history! So, if you don’t choose the right person to walk along with you and make you Live Your Own Experience in History, you won’t make your visit to Greece worth it!

Our intention is to make you live the Authentic Greek Culture and get to know the Modern Ordinary Way of Living in Greece in the best way we can.

It’s Time To Plan Your Dream Vacations now!

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