Rental Vacations Home In Greece

Rental Vacation Homes is a totally different approach, not very known to travelers, but can save you some money. It’s a totally different concept for your accommodation.

You can Rent Vacation Homes almost anywhere in the world. It’s a new “trend”, although it’s not a new idea at all. It’s a great choice for families who want to keep their budget low. People who have heard or are aware of this type of accommodation most probably think that it’s beyond their budget and to rent a home should be further more expensive than renting a single room in a hotel. Well, that’s not completely true. You can find rental vacation homes in any budget, from $100 per night to thousands of dollars, depending on the location, how big it is, how luxurious it is and, of course, the class. It’s almost the same as choosing a hotel room, There are various types of rooms available and it’s according to the class of the hotel!

What “Rental Vacation Homes” means

Have you ever thought to rent a house, apartment or condo instead of a hotel room for your vacation? Yes, you have this option worldwide now too since many people rent their homes for some extra cash.

If you are looking for a way to save money from the accommodation expenses, which cost maybe the most significant amount of your vacations, then this solution is for you. It will give you the opportunity to spend more money in other activities or buy some souvenirs and gifts for your beloved ones who were left behind or even stay longer that you planned initially due to limitations coming from your budget.

Reasons to rent a home for vacations

There are many reasons to do so. I ‘ll state a few of them below

  • It can be cheaper if you are traveling as a family
  • You will have more space available
  • You will feel like home
  • You have a kitchen
  • Meals cost cheaper if you decide to stay in and prepare them by yourself
  • No check-in or check-out limitations (rental period is based on calendar days)
  • No restrictions on when you get in and out and what time
  • You can find a rental vacation home outside the city center where no hotels are available

Rental Vacation Homes

Reasons not to rent a home for vacations

As all things in life, there are some negatives in home rental for vacations. Here are some of them that I can think right now

  • No room service
  • No cleaning
  • No porter service
  • No, transportation service. You have to arrange that separately if you don’t choose to rent a car
  • If you don’t want to go out for lunch or dinner you have to prepare your own meals
  • Not so wide variety, compared with hotel options

Where you should rent your vacation home from

Well, you can find a few places to do so, but you need to be cautious since, if you make the wrong turn on this one, you will ruin yours and your family’s vacations and your desire to relax and have some good time.

You can search and rent your vacation home directly from its owner, but that leaves a great space for errors, miscommunications, double bookings from their side fake pictures, facilities that do not exist etc. It might be a bit cheaper, but it’s not the safest way to do so. If you want to risk it go for it, but I wouldn’t choose that way for my dream vacations. You will never know what you paid for until the time you get there … Can you imagine your surprise when you face the truth?

If you choose an agency your job will be done more efficiently and you will know what you paid for. You will see pictures that are real, you will read reviews from others and if you choose the right agency, you will have a guarantee!

That’s the reason I want to offer  Vacation Home Rentals to you.  Why?


  • They know what they are doing and they are very experienced!
  • They offer a guarantee up to $10.000 (with a very small fee) in case something goes wrong. That’s a big relief for everyone travelling to a foreign country. You will maintain your state of mind in good and calm condition and you will be stress-free for your decision.
  • They also have the best prices from legit and worth renting properties around the world.
  • You can read more than 50.000 reviews left by real customers.

I am providing you a search tool to give you the opportunity to search and compare with hotels rooms you found and see by yourself if it’s what you are looking for and if it covers your needs and expectations.

Enjoy your vacations!

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