My Top Ranked Hotels

 In this section, I’ll give you my Personal Top Rated Suggestions for Hotels In Greece. My selection is based on:

  • Personal experience (as a Guest and as a Tourist Specialist)
  • Feedback received from Guests  – Customer’s Satisfaction
  • Hospitality – Service
  • Rooms
  • The General Condition of the Hotel
  • Location (If it’s located in a nice and “friendly” area of the city)
  • Accessibility (Public Transportation etc)
  • Facilities

About My Ratings

 It’s pretty obvious that I pay more attention to Service and Hospitality than the facilities. That’s because you may find a very beautiful hotel (in pictures), but with very bad service and located in a very bad or unreachable part of the city.

All those aspects are My Priorities and I will base my suggestions on them. Of course, you are free to choose your favorite one or you can send me an e-mail asking some information about it. I’ll be glad to help you choosing the right for you, according to your needs and expectations.

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