A boarding pass gives away personal details for those who know how to use it

An airplane boarding pass seems innocent enough, but it is possible to extract a great deal of information using the barcodes on boarding passes. It is easy to decode a boarding pass, even if it is one posted on Facebook. For instance, the code reveals details such as somebody’s frequent flyer novel and travel record locators.

All that’s needed is some basic social hacking for someone to have control over another person’s account on a frequent flyer site. Some illegible sections on a boarding pass are actually revealing for those who know how to use them.

It can give somebody details as to a person’s phone number, the name of a person and the ability to view future flights to be taken by the person whose boarding pass is hacked. The information could also allow a hacker to reset a PIN number and generally take control.

Boarding Pass

So whatever you do make sure you don’t leave your boarding pass behind you in the airplane seat pocket or – worst still – post pictures of it on Facebook!


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